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Everything you wanted to know about us ? – Read on….

Q. Are we full-time travelers?

A. Absolutely not! And we do not aspire to be that too ? We are a (very) normal family, like most of us are. Anup & I have our regular jobs and our son goes to a Montessori school. Travelling is something that we do as and when time, leaves & finances permit. ? Luckily, we share this common passion and hence our spends are more on travelling than other forms of recreation.

Q. Was ours a Love Marriage?

A. Believe it or not, we get this asked (directly ?) so many times. So, here is the answer. Yep, it is a love marriage. We were batch mates in MBA. I come from a Punjabi family and Anup is a Maharashtrian. And strangely, the families agreed with absolutely no drama when we told them. (Nope, no Bollywood story there guys!)

Q. What do we do?

A. I work in an IT Multinational as a Senior Consultant and Anup is a Regional Head in a top private sector bank. We are in extremely demanding profiles, but we love what we do and our passionate about making a mark for our own selves in our professional career. (Plus, it pays for our trips ?) And what the little one does is – Rule our hearts! ?

Q. How old are we?

A. I am 33 years old and Anup is almost 35. June is going to turn 5years old very soon.

Q. Is our life really that perfect?

A. Any form of social media – Instagram, Facebook, etc. let’s you choose and decide what picture you wish to present to the world. Your day might be going as rotten as possible, but you decide to put a happy picture of you lounging on a beach bed. Then it’s fake – as some might say! But to me, it has a ripple effect. That happy memory touches the happy chords and you reminisce about that perfect fun moment and you end up feeling better… Hence, I purposely choose to share happy moments with everyone! (By the way, would you care to pick up the camera/phone to click when you are angry/upset!! So, how is a grumpy pic even possible ??)

Q. Who clicks our family photos?

A. Anyone who agrees to ?? Really, any passer bys or family/friends accompanying us – become the photographers for us!

While travelling with a kid, you are already over packed, so the question of having a full-fledged camera, lenses, tripod etc. is really too much to think of. In fact, we have not even bought a DSLR yet. (though thinking of investing in one soon!) Most of our pics are either from our phones or from our Cannon Point & Shoot.

That’s all for now.. If you have any more questions, please leave a comment below. 🙂


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