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Hello & Congratulations !! If you are reading this blog, you have decided to get healthy or atleast thinking about it (which is the first step!).

Let me begin by confessing something – I am (definitely) NOT a FOOD BLOGGER. Infact, I hardly enter the kitchen (not proud of it, but that’s the way it is). Most of the recipes here have been taught to my cook by my sister, Dr. Deepti Dhingra. She is extremely passionate about fitness & nutrition and keeps on researching and reinventing recipes to make them healthy, nutritious and tasty. She is the one who motivated a carefree diner like me, to adopt a healthy way of life. I am simply lucky to have her (and my cook :P) and through this blog I will try my best to pass on all the knowledge and tips that I have gathered so far.


The recipes are of the dishes that we eat on a daily basis, nothing fancy and each one of them follows all of the below points:

  1. Easy & quick
  2. Healthy and nutritious
  3. Vegetarian (+egg)

Also, this is not a “diet” blog space. I believe in a sensible diet and exercising (more on this, later). I am personally not obsessive about food, but yes the taste does matter to me. So, be assured that all these recipes are quite good in taste.


Most of the recipes will have the below ingredients.

  1.       Eggs
  2.       Paneer
  3.       Soya
  4.       Oats
  5.       Veggies: most of them. (a bit biased towards greens as you will see later)


The purpose of this blog is solely to share what I follow (and you asked J). The information included is not a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before altering your diet, changing your exercise regimen, starting any new treatment or making changes to existing treatment.

xo, Esha


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