We certainly believe that happiness is not something that has to be relegated to a few hours/days/weekends; yet weekends and vacation time is something that we really look forward to, as it is our specific time of bonding and exploring the exquisite nature. The excitement and fresh air of new places is something that gives us our high.

This blog is our earnest endeavor to share our experiences from our previously visited beautiful places and for the upcoming ones, we will keep you posted all along.

We select our spots/destinations (whether close by / across India / abroad) after careful consideration of total expenses, time on hand and the weather of the place and season/off season time. On our tours and trips we spend our time in exploring not only the main attractions but also the offbeat attractions and look forward to further exploring and posting the general feel of the place, the locale people, their language and whatever information and knowledge we can gather through our interactions with them.

A word from you is highly appreciated.

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